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I want to draw but that means I have to draw

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Hello Tumblr! I’m RMMiranda (AKA Links the Shifter) and my future business, KeyKeepers Bookbinding, needs your help!

KKB is going to be offering handmade, customizable note and sketchbooks for whatever your personal needs may be. Seeing as I’m just starting off, I mostly need the funds for supplies, postage, and raw materials.

My end goal is 500$ total, as that amount would allow me to bring you the best quality books I can offer! Once I have a stock of books, I’ll put them up for sale on Etsy (And Ill try my best to offer international shipping)

You can donate to my paypal here

I also have a FaceBook page

Ill be posting regular updates on the progress of the fundraiser, so stay tuned if you like. Thank you and happy tumbling!

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"how can you drink hot coffee in the middle of summer?" fire cannot kill a dragon.

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I don’t “swing both ways” I “swing wildly in every direction and it is very likely I’m going to fall off and scrape my knee sometime in the near future”

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Wild Monterey Peacocks?

Mae-Mae: .A.
Artic Blue: yah
Mae-Mae: oAo
Mae-Mae: OAO
Artic Blue: yah
Mae-Mae tiny bunny screams
Artic Blue: if we're lucky we might see some, because they roam wherever
Artic Blue: loud little buggers tho
Mae-Mae: >.>
Mae-Mae: <.<
Mae-Mae: there aren;t any... albino peacocks loose, are there?
Artic Blue: don't worry, they're not infected (◡‿◡✿)
Artic Blue: at least I don't think (⊙‿⊙✿)
Mae-Mae: QAQ
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Psa 2 ants





Stop crawling on me

message from the ants: they say no and that you should buy more cilantro 

tell the ants i dont have throwaway cash to buy cooking herbs and they can get their own 

message from the ants: please we’re having mexican tonight 

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The Moon, The Sun, Temperance, and The Hermit

The Moon: Something you fear

One of the few things that truly scares me is thinking about my future….

The Sun: Your happiest memory

Making it into the Toxic OCT

Temperance: Your ideal day

Waking up before noon, have a nice cup of coffee. Maybe go out for a walk in the woods. Have a nice dinner, curl up in a soft sunny corner and catch up on my reading. An afternoon nap would be nice. End the day by maybe going out for supper and coming home to a good movie and a hot drink. 

I don’t mind being alone, but there’d probably be a bonus if someone i loved was there to spend the day with me.

The Hermit: Favourite way to spend a day alone

Unharrassed by my family, in the company of good friends, hot coffee and an internet connection (=w=)b

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The sun! n,n

The Sun: Your happiest memory

My dad used to take me and my sister one town over to the indoor swimming pool on weekends, every winter when we were little. Sometimes it was just me n’ sis swimming, sometimes my dad would also join in. On the ride home, sometimes he’d stop by Tim Hortons and get us hot chocolates.

My favorite part was walking out of the changing rooms and into the cold winter air, my hair wet and still smelling faintly of chlorine, my breath fogging at the sharp taste of snow.

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The Tower!

The Tower: Something that changed your life

Meeting Artic

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christmas is so much worse as you get older it’s like “what do you want this year?” “a sense of purpose”

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